Kendo Beginners Pack

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Kendo Beginners Pack

$197.69 $147.98 ex VAT
$177.56 inc VAT

The best value Kendo beginner's pack on the market, this discounted bundle contains everything required for your first steps on the path to Kendo mastery.


This beginner's pack contains:


Tengu Kendogi - 100% cotton single layer Sashiko Ori Kendogi (also known as a Keikogi).  This Gi is made from a non-indigo dyed fabric which means that the dark blue colour will stay fixed and that the Gi is super easy to care for.  We advise machine washing at 40 degrees as standard.


Tengu Hakama - Easy care, lightweight polyester-rayon Hakama.  Specially selected for ease of folding and cleaning, this dark blue, non-indigo dyed Hakama is the perfect stepping off point for new Kendoka who need to look smart and ready for action with minimum fuss.


Tendo Shinai - A mainstay of the Nine Circles range for more than 10 years, the Tendo model is a favourite model for beginners.  Made from tough Keichiku Take (bamboo) and shaped to be the perfect all purpose Shinai, we ship thousands of these models all over the globe every year and consistently get superb feedback on their performance.  Available in sizes from 32-39, Shinai include Tsuba and Tsuba Dome.


Oak Bokken - The perfect companion for Kendo Kata practice, this classic oak Daito is both flexible and tough.  This Bokken conforms perfectly to the requirements of Kendo Kata and feels and looks great in doing so.  Bokken include Tsuba and Tsuba Dome.  Available in white or red oak options.


Tetron Shinai Bag - An essential element to keep your Shinai and Bokken safe in transit and in storage, and a legal requirement in most countries when transporting sports weapons.  This is a tough yet simple Shinai bag with excellent features including a shoulder strap, full lining and foot reinforcement.  Available in black or blue and also with upgrade options at a supplementary cost. 


Tenugui - The classic Nine Circles Tenugui in highly absorbent cotton fabric.  This is perfect to begin learning how to tie your Tenugui (head cloth) in preparation for moving onto Bogu (Kendo armour) later in your training.  Available with upgrade options at a supplementary cost. 


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$147.98 ex VAT $177.56 inc VAT



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