Enshin Dobari Shinai

£45.83 ex VAT
\ £55.00 inc VAT
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Enshin Dobari Shinai

£45.83 ex VAT
£55.00 inc VAT

Deluxe quality hand finished Dobari Shinai.


The Enshin model has an excellent balance and is suitable for both training and competition. Dobari Shinai have a wider Do section which draws the balance of the weapon back towards the hands creating a more maneuverable Monouchi.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these size 39 Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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£45.83 ex VAT £55.00 inc VAT

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Bought three of these for competition but ended up using them in regular practise aswell. After four months of daily use they show little signs of wear and tear but way less than expected.
Their balance is situated a bit far out compared to other dobari shinai making the kensen feel heavier as compared to others, it is still lighter than a normal shinai.
Excellent choice for someone who likes a lighter feel but not a shinai made of air and kote strikes

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