Enshin Koban Gata (Oval Grip)

$58.13 ex VAT
\ $69.75 inc VAT
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Enshin Koban Gata (Oval Grip)

$58.13 ex VAT
$69.75 inc VAT

Top quality Koban Gata (oval grip) Dobari Shinai.


The left hand oval shape Tsuka of this hand finished Shinai gives a tactile reference to help with perfect orientation of the Mune during use.  The right hand grip is a more typical round shape as the oval profile reverts to the circular Shinai shape.


This style of Tsuka is closer to that of a real sword and so this Shinai is often popular with practitioners of other Japanese sword arts.


Dobari Shinai have a wider Do section which draws the balance of the weapon back towards the hands creating a more maneuverable Monouchi.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these size 39 Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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$58.13 ex VAT $69.75 inc VAT

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Oval is great, bamboo and craftsmanship at the top!
I've been using a 4-shinai pack of these for 4 years. I'm only just killing the 1st one, and nb 2 is becoming nicely worn and the tsuka well done to my hand. Bamboo quality and craftsmanship are at the top with this series. I love the shape, as I also do iaido and kenjutsu. Thanks to the shape of the grip, you never lose your hasuji when doing kirikaeshi, for instance.

Excellent comfort
The oval grip makes this shinai really emulate the feeling of a real sword but still allows you to feel this comfort with a shinai that can be used in sparring. It also is the lightest shinai for men and so offers good speed and with the grip has better control at rotating the blade. Top score!

Oval grip is the best
Coming to kendo from kenjutsu I really appreciated this shinai. The oval handle provides a more real-life grip experience while still being eligible to be used in official competitions. Highly recommended for those looking for a genuine katana-like grip experience!

Real sword feel
This shinai is great if you like the sensation of holding a real sword. The oval grip makes the training more interesting for people used to bokken and shinkens. Its very comfortable to use.

Realistic sensation
The sensation is very similar to a bokken because of the grip. It's perfect if you like a more 'realistic' sensation when using a shinai. I love it.

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