Unrai Jissen Gata Smoked Shinai

£41.67 ex VAT
\ £50.00 inc VAT
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Unrai Jissen Gata Smoked Shinai

£41.67 ex VAT
£50.00 inc VAT

These premium competition Shinai are traditionally smoked, sealing in the natural oils and moisture within the Take.  They look striking in action, offer unparalleled performance and to top it all smell fantastic, giving a real flavour of old Japan.


The most popular Shinai style for high level competitors in Japan these pieces are carefully shaped to make them ideal for competition.


In pursuit of the ideal fencing makeup, the weight is distributed mainly through the lower two thirds of the weapon and is combined with a slim Monouchi section.  This makes the Shinai very stable, to enhance control of the Monouchi for Tsuki, whilst maintaining the fluid manoeuvrability of a Dobari style.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these size 39 Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with Tsuba & Dome.




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Nice shinai
I bought this shinai to replace my old cheapy and to compliment my new 3mm bogu also from Nine Circles. I'm no expert, but the feel and balance are totally different and I'm sure I'll appreciate more with more experience. I could have saved myself a tenner by buying a budget shinai, but I'm really pleased I didn't. It is a thing of beauty and looks a bit different. Martyn was more than happy to explain the different types and offer an expert opinion to a novice. Great shinai and highly recommended.

great shinai
Love it. Makes my last one feel like a club and I loved that one when I got it. It's light but not undesirably so. Nice balance and smells great.

A Superb Shinai.
I got one of these for my birthday to replace my think grip shinai that I had been using for around a year. The quality and feel is extremely high and the smoked effect seems to make the whole shinai feel a lot more solid and sturdy than most and also smells amazing. I'm using it for all training and despite not being a dobari shinai, it still feels extremely light to move, but the solidity helps control. Well worth the money.

Appena mi

Fantastic Shinai - Love It
I recently bought this shinai as my very first one. It arrives fast also I am very satisified with the quality. Even I am just a beginner in kendo but I can feel the difference between this shinai and the one I used in practice (standdard one) when I using it. This shinai is the most awesome one (smoked colour and natural smoky smell !!)

Smashing - Even Smells Lovely!
I recently had a knee operation, and thought I'd treat myself with a new shinai to give myself something to look forward to. I plumped for this one, and I wasn't disappointed - a thing of beauty, sat in the corner, it even gave the room a delicate smoked aroma. Now I've been able to use the shinai as intended, I'm even more impressed. As tight as a drum (I'd had my previous shinai for about four or five years) and well balanced, in my opinion. The bright reddish colours fade after a while, but you're still left with a top quality shinai. Highly recommended!

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