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£0.67 ex VAT
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Deluxe nylon Tsuru (Shinai cord). 


One of the cheapest ways to add your own personal flavour and customisation to your Shinai, these Tsuru are available in a variety of colours to suit your taste.  If you are looking for the most traditional, low-key option, then stick with white or yellow.  If you are feeling a little more adventurous, or prefer a more contrasting colour to assist with visual feedback, consider trying a black, blue or red Tsuru option.


Supplied in pre-cut lengths, these Tsuru are perfect to tie and trim to size as required.


Sold singly, these Tsuru are suitable for Shinai of all sizes.


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£0.67 ex VAT £0.80 inc VAT

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in 1 year i already broke off my tsuru 2 time's, IT is important to have reserves ones. Also , you can get nice colored tsuru's, i am still wondering why the color tsuru's is same price with the white and yellow.

Pretty purple
I got a purple one. It helps me find my shinai easily and looks pretty. Super cheap price too :)

I can now finally identify my shinai's back-side with my glasses off. Not to mention, it also helps distinguish if from the rest.

Black Tsuru
I got a black one to go with the black stitching on the fold of the my shinai tsukagawa .. and it came out looking great.

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