Kosakura Push On Dome

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Kosakura Push On Dome

£10.00 ex VAT
£12.00 inc VAT

Dark blue deluxe neo-leather push-on Tsuba Dome with Kosakura pattern.


Crafted from an external layer of dark blue, Inden style, embossed clarino, this is a highly stylised push-fit Dome, designed to be simply slid into place behind the Tsuba.  The Kosakura, small cherry blossom, pattern is a classic Japanese theme, beloved of the Samurai representing the short, but beautiful life of a warrior.


A central rubber disc is sandwiched between the layers of neo-leather and, when the Dome is pushed on, stretches to firmly grip the Tsuka and to keep the Tsuba in place.


Suitable for size 39 (26mm diameter) and size 38 (23mm diameter) Shinai.


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£10.00 ex VAT £12.00 inc VAT

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This is what you have to have !!! So cool and keeps your tsuba in place... Buy it!

Won't budge an inch
This can be a bit tricky to get on your shinai as the hole looks WAY to small for the grip but once you've edged it into place it refuses to move at all and holds everything firmly in place. Looks nice as well.

Very elegant
Fits very tightly into shinai. I bought it simply to recognize my own shinai, but it also gives it an elegant look.

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