Nito Shinai Set

£69.17 ex VAT
\ £83.00 inc VAT
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Nito Shinai Set

£69.17 ex VAT
£83.00 inc VAT

These Shinai are crafted specifically for Nito Kendo from selected bamboo.


This discounted pair consists of of a Nito Shoto (Kodachi) and a Nito Daito (Odachi).


The well balanced, high quality Shoto is ideal for Nito Shiai, and features a full thickness round grip.


The oval grip Daito is specially balanced for single hand use and offers tactile feedback to ensure easy orientation. A far superior option to standard size 37 Shinai models.


All Shinai are supplied complete with Tsuba & Dome.


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£69.17 ex VAT £83.00 inc VAT

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I have bought this set shortly after beginning Nito-ryu and I'm quite satisfied with it,
the durability with the proper maintenance is quite satisfactory.
The daito oval grip is a must for beginners and experienced players, as well
as being easier on the arm and tendrils due to the dobari mass repartition.

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