ZNKR Jodo - Instruction Manual

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ZNKR Jodo - Instruction Manual

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The first version of All Japan Kendo Federation Jodo Instruction was published in 1968.  Since then, it has contributed to the promotion and development of Jodo over 35 years, having been partially revised only in 1977 and 1987.


The main points of this third revision of the Jodo Instruction Manual are:


1. Consensus of understanding among members of the Jodo Committee in order to unify instruction methodology.


2. Setting of standards for basic movements and standardisation of corresponding terminology.


3. Explanation of hitherto unstipulated matters to help unify understanding.


4. Explanation of unwritten matters already enacted in conventional movements.


5. Addition of information to illustrations including Ashi-sabaki (footwork) to ensure full and proper understandings of the instruction.


6. Promotion of consistency with Nippon Kendo Kata.


An essential book for all practitioners of ZNKR Jodo.

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