Shiai Naginata Habu

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\ £25.00 inc VAT
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Shiai Naginata Habu

£20.83 ex VAT
£25.00 inc VAT

Bamboo Habu (blade) for Shiai Naginata.

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£20.83 ex VAT £25.00 inc VAT

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Naginata Habu Review
In the past i have purchased Naginata Habu from a number of online companies, and to be totally honest was never really very happy with either the service I recieved or the end product. This all changed however with my recent purchase of the Nine Circles Naginata Habu. I places my order early yesterday and choosing the next delivery option had them in my hand before midday today. Packaging was tight and very secure. Upon opening the package to examine the Naginata habu i was pleasantly suprised that the build and materials were of a far higher quality than I was used too. Very smoothly shaped, no burs around the knots in the bamboo. Also the actual strips of bamboo are very thick and as such far stronger than the thinner types i have recieved from elsewhere in the past. Rest assured I will be ordering from you again. Domo Arigato - Taran

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