Oak Bo - Shiro Kashi 182cm

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Oak Bo - Shiro Kashi 182cm

£66.67 ex VAT
£80.00 inc VAT

Heavy 3cm diameter Roku Shaku suitable for many Bo Jutsu styles including those in Okinawan Karate and Ninpo schools. Total length 182cm.

Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


Specification Details:



Shiro Kashi

Weight Range*


Full Length





*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces. Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed.



Jo Engraving: 4-7 Working Days



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£66.67 ex VAT £80.00 inc VAT

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Quality through and through
ordered a Bo and Tanto on Monday arrived Wednesday now you can't beat that for service. Top quality as i've come to expect from Nine Circles.

buy with confidence
I have the following from this company; jo, (red and white,) bokken (red) kama and tonfa, and red and white bo staffs. they are all top quality and fantastic to train with. I work with wood and I can vouch for the oak use in the weapons I have from this site!

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