Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

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Aikido Hakama - Black Tetron

£54.17 ex VAT
£65.00 inc VAT

A premium quality Hakama from Miyabi, this model has been specially developed to fulfil the needs of Aikido practitioners.  Our most popular Aiki model, the Tetron Aikido Hakama combines a raft of outstanding Aikido features with a traditional cut and easy-care fabric.


Built from a durable, easy-care Tetron fabric (polyester-rayon mix), these models hold a crisp, clean shape and well defined pleats which are easy to maintain with little more than correct folding.  The consistent, deep black colour is resistant to fading and the top class build quality ensures a Hakama with great longevity which look its’ best throughout its lifetime.


Features include:


Classic Cut – With a traditional width front panel (Maehaba) and classic pleat depth this Hakama has the classic shape and cut of a traditional model at its core with specialist Aikido features built upon


Extra Long Himo – With most Aikido schools tying the Hakama with an extra half turn around the body compared with other traditional tying methods, extra long Himo are an essential adaptation to more classic cut Hakama.  This Hakama features extra long ties for both front and back pairs.  Approximate measurements are of the full length of the Himo from one end to the other, including the attached central sections.  Front Himo 460cm, Back Himo 230cm.


Flexible Back Plate – A common point of failure on traditional Hakama and a literal sore point with rolling break-falls, hard Koshi Ita are far from ideal for Aikido practice.  These models feature a deformable clarino (imitation leather) back plate which is rigid enough to maintain its shape, but which bends harmlessly on impact and moulds around the lower back.


Internally Stitched Pleats – Designed to prevent loss of definition to the internal pleats these vertical line of stitching remain invisible at the front of the Hakama, but reinforce the structure of the Hakama making care and folding quicker and easier.


Extra Himo Stitching – 7 lines of longitudinal stitching run through the length of front and back Himo to facilitate tighter knotting, preventing your Hakama from coming loose during training.


Reinforced Side Seams – A common point of failure and an area prone to being caught by a trailing foot, the side seams of this model feature a subtle reinforcement, strengthening this weak point and adding to the overall durability of the Hakama.


Easy-Care – The Tetron fabric is a specialised mixture of Polyester and Rayon designed for easy cleaning, colour fastness and most importantly to hold its shape and folds.  This material makes looking after your Hakama a breeze compared with other natural fabric options.




Hakama Embroidery: 4-7 Working Days



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£54.17 ex VAT £65.00 inc VAT

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This is a great quality hakama
I love this hakama, The wide straps ensures it stays in place. I have been wearing it for few years now I am still very happy with it!

Outstanding Delivery
Guys, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service. I ordered @ 1.45pm and the goods were delivered at 8.30am the next morning. Great Customer service is alive and kicking at Nine Circles, thanks again.

Received my hakama. What a fantastic job on the stitching. A thing of beauty. This is my first one. A suggestion is my only thing .A simple sheet showing how to tie your hakama and how to fold and care for it might be helpful. . I shall enjoy wearing it. Thanks so much to Nine Circles.

Ich habe diesen Hakama als Geschenk f

Het is een kwaliteitsvolle hakama (It is a quality hakama)

aikido hakama
well done...

it's good hakama

Hakama H-2-Aiki-B-23
My second hakama pucheased last June. The first hakama I purchased a few years ago was for practicing jujutsu, bikenjutsu and hanbojutsu. But this Miyabi hakama I bought for aikido and the flexible koshi-ito is so sensible an approach for safe akemi. The tetron material is strong and stitching is very durable and the folds stay in place time and time again. Nine Circles providing a proper length calculator on the web site is an excellent idea and very much appreciated customer service.

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