Aikido Hakama - Black Wide Maehaba #10,000 Cotton

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Aikido Hakama - Black Wide Maehaba #10,000 Cotton

£62.50 ex VAT
£75.00 inc VAT

This Miyabi Aikido Hakama is made from top quality #10000 Cotton and incorporates many special features for Aikido practice.


This Hakama features a deformable rubber Koshi Ita (backplate), extra long* front and back Himo (ties) to facilitate Aikido style fastening, 7 lines of Himo stitching to improve knotting, partially stitched in pleats to keep the Hakama structure sharp, reinforced side vents for extra strength at a common point of failure and a high class wide cut suited to wider hips.


Top quality materials and manufacturing combined with innovative design are the hallmarks of the Miyabi brand. Here, they have resulted in another great Hakama in the H-11-Aiki, one of the best options for cotton Aikido Hakama on the market in both quality and value.


*Front Himo measure approximately 4.60m and the back Himo are 2.30m.




Hakama Embroidery: 4-7 Working Days



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£62.50 ex VAT £75.00 inc VAT

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Bought the heaviest weight cotton Hak NC had at the time (years ago now on a previous account) It still looks mint!

Doesn`t matter if i`m flipping out of Shihonage or i`m getting creamed with some ground techniques, stand back up and it looks like it`s just been pressed and put on.

Each to their own but for me personally there simply isn`t a better performing Hak out there, the weight isn`t an issue for me and it always looks fantastic.

A genuinely superb product.

It's early days yet, but I can feel the quality of this Hakama. Maybe in a years time I'll give you another review.

I use two of these hakama for jujutsu, outstanding quality. I ordered 2 sizes smaller than I measure for, because I like the hakama to be a bit higher on the ankles. If I need a new one, I will for sure order again, and recommend these to my students.

The best hakama I've had
Superb quality with a thick and heavy feeling to the fabric, very durable and fit for intense training, amazing aesthetics and nice embroidery. And on top of that quick delivery (to USA) and great price.

The detaied features are truly of much higher quality than other hakamas in the global online market! This was coupled with prompt response from the sales team. Neat embroidery! Last but not the least, quick shipping (to Canada) and great value for the price.

Excellent Hakama with embroidery. Very quick shipping to the United States ordered on Dec. 17 an received Dec 29. Very happy with the quality. Thanks Nine Circles.

Simply the best!

the best ive found!!!!
I`ve had a few hakama over the years and although i think they are very smart and cleverly made i have never been that impressed with the materials or that they lose their shape pretty quick. This hakama how ever is a different deal altogether. The thick cotton weave is sturdy to the touch, no matter how much you throw your self around the pleats and folds always drop back into place and stay neat and crisp looking. the extra long reinforced himo allow you to tie the hak` very securely indeed and along with the rubber koshi ita provides a great deal of support for your back. In short ill be buying these for as long as they are available and will recommend them to any one who is after a quality hakama.....brilliant thanx 9circles :)

Perfect quality, good price and super fast delivery to Netherlands

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