Hickory Solid Daito, Plastic Saya & Sageo pack

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Hickory Solid Daito, Plastic Saya & Sageo pack

£73.33 £58.33 ex VAT
£70.00 inc VAT

Perfect for Iaido beginners, this discounted pack comes with a solid hickory Bokken, Saya and Sageo. This is a great value option to learn the basic Reiho (etiquette) and Kata (form) before investing in an Iaito (metal training sword).


The Bokken (wooden sword) is crafted from hickory to classic dimensions typical of an all-purpose Bokuto. The Saya (scabbard) is formed of a lightly textured thermo plastic which hugs the body of the Bokken closely to form a snug interaction, preventing accidental release of the weapon. The textured surface helps the Saya to move freely in the Obi (belt) to encourage correct movement of the Saya during Batto and Noto (drawing and re-sheathing). The 8 Shaku chunky weave cotton Sageo is a perfect beginner’s option. Easy to manage and long enough for almost all tying methods, it attaches to the Saya via the pre-formed Kurigata.


This combination offers the opportunity to learn how to both orientate the cord during Reiho and how to attach to the Obi correctly, in preparation for Kata. Includes plastic Tsuba & Dome.

Hickory is a dense hardwood with a clean, natural finish, perfect for wooden weapons made for contact practice.  

Famous in the use of handles for heavy impact tools, hickory is hard, dense and absorbs shock efficiently.  Furthermore, when hickory is bruised, the impacts actually condense the material fibres, strengthening the wood rather than weakening it.  

With every impact your wooden weapon will become stronger!


Specification Details:




Weight Range*


Full Length


Blade Length


Tsuka Length


Tsuka Circumference


Tsuka Dimensions

   2.5cm x 3.5cm

Tsuba Mount




Kissaki Style



*Weight listed is an average based on a sample of 20 pieces.  Specific weight may vary due to the natural materials in use and cannot be guaranteed.



Bokken Engraving: 4-7 Working Days



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£58.33 ex VAT £70.00 inc VAT

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Delivered very well packaged and in top condition. Bokuto is awesome and fits perfectly in Saya. This is the thing I was looking for. Phoned to nine circles and had a small chat with their representative, very nice and very knowledgeable and helpful.

Will return for later purchases!

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