Hakama - Black Tetron

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Hakama - Black Tetron

£50.00 ex VAT
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New Stock Due: Mid-Late August

Introduced in 2007 this traditional cut Hakama is a mainstay of the Nine Circles range.  These Miyabi brand Hakama have proven to be a favourite of the Iaido community in combination with the matching IG-2-S Iaigi, and are the most popular classic cut model in our range.


Built from a durable, easy-care Tetron fabric (polyester-rayon mix), these models hold a crisp, clean shape and well defined pleats which are easy to maintain with little more than correct folding. 


The consistent, deep black colour is resistant to fading and the top class build quality ensures a Hakama with great longevity which look its’ best throughout its’ lifetime.


Features include:


Classic Cut – With a traditional width front panel (Maehaba), regular length Himo and classic pleat depth, this Hakama represents the archetypal style from which all more specialised Hakama have developed.  If you are seeking a purist, traditional style Hakama, look no further.


Easy-Care – The Tetron fabric is a specialised mixture of Polyester and Rayon designed for easy cleaning, colour fastness and most importantly to hold its’ shape and folds.  This material makes looking after your Hakama a breeze compared with other natural fabric options.


All Purpose – A Hakama without overt specialisation, this model is suitable for Iaido, Koryu Bujutsu, traditional Jujutsu, Aikido and a multitude of other arts where Hakama are the required uniform.



Hakama Embroidery



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£50.00 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT

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Another great product from nine circles. Love the stitching on the pleats. Much easier to fold up after use. Fabric is light and cool. Perfect for training.

Not bad. Pleats are stitched so there is no hassle worrying about losing the folds. The fabric around knees get a bit shiny because of wear (kind of expected because of it's synthetic). Wouldn't recommend intense training with it as the legs can get a bit moist.

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