Nosyudo Classic Tokujo Iaito - Shiho Sukashi

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Nosyudo Classic Tokujo Iaito - Shiho Sukashi

From  £613.00 £571.33 ex VAT
From  £685.60 inc VAT

The Nosyudo Tokujo Iaito represent the finest quality Japanese Iaito available on the market today. Each sword is hand crafted in Seki, Japan to the highest standards of traditional sword production.


We also offer a custom made option for Nosyudo Iaito available here.


Features Include:


Standard Weight Iaito Blade - Zinc alloy with groove: Maximum Length 2.50 Shaku.


Ha (Cutting Edge) - Standard (unsharpened).


Tsuka Ito (Hilt Binding) - Cotton binding with Hineri Maki wrap.


Natural Samé - Black ray skin.


Tsuba (Guard) - Blackened cast steel.


Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki (Hilt Fittings) - Antique brass alloy.


Habaki & Seppa - Polished brass.


Saya (Scabbard) - Black Gloss.


These swords do not include a stand.


These swords are in stock and ready to dispatch pending our final inspection and UK paperwork requirements.


UK CUSTOMERS TAKE NOTE:  Additional Documentation Required - Click here for details



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£571.33 ex VAT £685.60 inc VAT

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A very nice piece, Martyn advised me that the one I received is a bit of a unique piece as the manufacturer had put a different tsuba on it unbeknownst to him,
However it looks amazing, it was used for the first time in class last night. It feels good in the hand and a lot lighter than the steel club Iaito (saving fatigue in my arm after 2 hrs) it’s balanced and the weight seems to be more towards the tip so helping it swing much better, this may also be helped by the lighter weight tsuba that is fitted, it emits a great sound so you know when the cut is right, I ordered this on the Friday and it arrived on the Wednesday I’ve also ordered a custom Minosaka blade which I can’t wait to get and try out. In a side note Martyn is very helpful both on the phone and email
Thanks Martyn

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