Mengane Shield

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\ £12.00 inc VAT
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Mengane Shield

£10.00 ex VAT
£12.00 inc VAT

This flexible plastic Mengane cover is cleverly designed to securely fit over the upper bars of the Men grille.  


Fixed in place during practice, this unobtrusive shield forms a smooth, slightly spongy layer in the area of the Men Gane most commonly responsible for Shinai breakage.


Especially useful when practising with beginners, these shields help to significantly mitigate the damage to Také caused by repeated Men strikes falling short of their target or landing from an awkward angle.


A great investment when weighed against the cost of a new Shinai and one your training partners will be very thankful for!


Men pictured not included.


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£10.00 ex VAT £12.00 inc VAT

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