Shinai Sanding Pad

£12.50 ex VAT
\ £15.00 inc VAT
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Shinai Sanding Pad

£12.50 ex VAT
£15.00 inc VAT

A convenient tool from Hasegawa to remove splinters and smooth out the flaws of your Shinai. This sanding pad has two different abrasive surfaces: a rough and a fine grain, to make it adaptable to any Shinai sanding situation.


An essential for Shinai maintenance, this lightweight pad can be easily carried in your bag.


*Please note that this sanding pad should not be used on Carbon Shinai.


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£12.50 ex VAT £15.00 inc VAT

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Brilliant shinai maintenance tool that makes repairs very quick. Use the rough side to quickly remove splinters or grind away chips in the bamboo. Then the other side to sand to a smooth finish. I was genuinely surprised by how quickly I was able to remove a crack in my favorite shinai!

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