Kyoto-Pro Series Bogu - Titan

£450.00 ex VAT
\ £540.00 inc VAT
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Kyoto-Pro Series Bogu - Titan

£450.00 ex VAT
£540.00 inc VAT

The Titan is a Bogu set which takes the Kyoto-Pro Series core principles of Protection, Quality and Value and magnifies them, radiating style and excellence. With more than a year spent in the research and development of this outstanding Bogu range, the Kyoto-Pro Titan is a top performing Bogu with a fully stacked specification at an eminently affordable price point. Read the full story behind the Kyoto-Pro Series here.


This Bogu offers a professional quality specification, guaranteeing performance and longevity without overreaching on cosmetic extras which do not contribute to the quality or lifespan of the armour. The best jumping in point for the seriously committed Kenshi.


The Titan Bogu set includes everything you need for immediate use and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* as standard!


Kyoto-Pro Titan Specifications




Extra-Protective Men-Buton – the Men pad is constructed from multiple protective layers, with a dual layer of selected natural felts at its core. Those layers of differential density have been carefully selected and tested to best balance weight, density and impact management. Additional layers of padding material are integrated across the primary target area, increasing protection and overall thickness in this “high traffic” zone.


Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – 3mm longitudinal bands of stitching are applied with Pitch-Zashi 4mm long stitches through the Futon, reducing compression of the Men padding and increasing the absorption of shock at the point of impact. Reducing the distance between lines of stitching increases the durability of the Futon and offers additional impact resistance. 3mm spacing matches the stitch width of the finest 1.0bu Tezashi armour Futon, and the malleability and performance of the Titan Men-Buton is observably similar to this gold standard.


Diagonal Men-Dare Stitch – the Naname-Zashi (diagonal stitch) element applied on the Men-Dare allows the Men to sit correctly from the outset of use, preventing interference with head posture and overcoming traditional “breaking in” periods.


IBB Duralumin Men-Gane – designed to increase the strength of the Men-Gane, and to improve the balance point of the Men, IBB Men-Gane have two stainless steel bars in the upper portion of the structure. Whilst stronger and as a result more resistant to damage, more importantly, this Men-Gane style brings the balance point of the Men back towards the central column of the body, putting less stress on the neck of the Kenshi and minimising impact on the posture.


Noukon Naname-Zashi Ago Shokko – Dark blue dots, arranged in Naname-Zashi diagonal grid, form the pattern covering the main area of the Tsuki-Dare (also known as Ago), perfectly linking with the paired Do-Mune Shokko.


Shurirido Microfibre Uchiwa – the ultimate in both comfort and sweat management, the internal band which surrounds and contacts the face offers the best solution for quality and comfort of fit.


Men Weight* - 1437g




Extra-Protective Kote-Buton – Kote pads are constructed in the same way as Men-Buton. Dual protective layers of selected natural felts of differential density are combined to balance weight, density and impact management. Right hand Kote-Buton feature additional layers of padding material and shielding, offering added protection in this more exposed and more commonly impacted target.


Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – 3mm horizontal bands of stitching are applied with 4mm long stitches through the Kote-Buton, reducing compression of the Kote padding and increasing the absorption of shock at the point of impact. Reducing the distance between lines of stitching also increases the durability of the Futon and offers additional impact resistance.


Eguri Profile – ergonomically designed to encourage and enable correct hand position, the junction between the Kote-Buton and Kobushi is specially stitched to change the angle of the wrist so that the Kote shape perfectly matches the natural position and angle of the hand when gripping a Shinai.


Tanned Deer Leather Tenouchi-Gawa – soft and comfortable, deer leather is the preferred Kote palm materials for closeness of fit. With it’s inherent elasticity the palms stretch and mould to the shape of the hand and fingers perfectly with use.


Hybrid Atama Fill – with 50% natural deer wool and 50% synthetic wool this hybrid Atama stuffing was by far the top performer in our extensive testing. Deer fur, traditionally used on the highest quality Kote, has a hollow fibre structure which makes it an excellent shock absorber over this vulnerable area. Its limitation is its lifespan because the hollow structure is easily crushed with impacts over time, thinning the padding and reducing its effectiveness. Enter the hybrid fill. By mixing the traditional deer wool with denser modern synthetic fur at a 50:50 ratio, we have been able to maintain excellent shock absorption with subtly increased density, reducing pad compression over time through use.


Kote Weight* - 589g




Toughened Shin Yamato 50pc Do-Dai – the most popular Do-Dai in the world, the weight and durability of the Shin Yamato Do-Dai makes it a firm favourite. With a black gloss finish and internal bamboo ridged styling, it delivers on both performance and looks.


Natural Kurozan Leather Do-Mune – traditional black embossed leather covers a toughened core of layered material forming a stiff, damage resistant upper.


Noukon Naname-Zashi Do-Mune Shokko – arranged in Naname-Zashi, diagonal grid, the dark blue dot pattern offers classic detailing to the Do-Mune whilst following the low-key ascetic style synonymous with Japanese design.


Oni-Gumo Kazari-Ito – the Kazari-Ito is built up from the lower aspect of the Do-Mune in this classic style, allowing for a greater area of Shokko in the upper section.


Do Weight* - 1410g




Shock Absorbent Pitch Stitch – 3mm longitudinal bands of stitching are applied with 4mm long stitches through the Futon, reducing compression of the Tare padding and increasing the absorption of shock on impact.


Comfort Fit Hara-Obi – a supple and supremely comfortable band of Aizome dyed fabric, stitched in the same 4mm pitch stitching at 3mm intervals as featured throughout the Bogu set.


Aizome Dyed Kon-Gawa Reinforcement – this indigo dyed natural leather reinforcement is added along the sides and leading edges of the O-Dare to offer additional resistance to damage in passing contact, limiting regular wear and tear.


Kazari-Ito Decoration – 6 horizontal lines of black Kazari Ito feature at the top of each O-Dare panel, adding traditional ornamentation to the Omote aspect of the Tare.


Tare Weight* - 880g


*All published weights are based on an average size Bogu parts and weights of parts may vary.


For further detailed specifications check out our Kyoto-Pro Bogu comparison chart here.


Includes 3 Year Warranty – For Full Details Click Here. *Terms and conditions apply.



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£450.00 ex VAT £540.00 inc VAT

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- overall look is very good and quality. Good stiching, I have seen no defaults.
- the men is very comfortable and light, good feeling at impact.
- the do is great too but a bit narrow for me, even in largest size. Though impact absorption is good, like for the men.
- Tare is very protective and fits well.

I did not have the chance to test the kote as my old pair was still ok.

Overall it is a very good product in my opinion.

This is my first Bogu set and it's amazing. Firstly the fit and finish is really good. It's comfortable, lightweight and very nicely built. Really lovely the look & feel, it has been worth every penny.

On the 20th of May, I purchased my first Bogu, a "Titan" with modifications, and it was delivered without any issues at the end of the following week. The order arrived well protected and packaged.
The armor "Titan" is a worthy choice due to its protection, fabric, colors, and elegant design. I've already broken the Bogu's initial stiffness, and I must say that it fits me as if it were handcrafted by a tailor, and it's very comfortable.
The professionalism and friendliness of the staff influenced my decision to buy from "Nine Circles."
I am very pleased with my purchase of "Titan" and highly recommend "Nine Circles."

I just wanted to confirm that the bogu was delivered. It was exactly as you explained. Thank you.

Incidentally, the bogu, in terms of quality/price, is extraordinary. I just wanted an inexpensive extra bogu for regular, daily practice and I was surprised about the good looks and flexibility. Out of the box to keiko with total comfort and protection.

This is true of practically everything I have acquired from you over the years.

Very well made bogu. Very beautiful details and no pain in shiai and exercise. I received the shipment within 2 weeks.
Many thanks to Martyn for the support with my order.
I recommend this bogu!

I received my Titan Bogu several weeks ago.
Perfectly dispatched and received on time before Xmas days during a very strong union strike. for information i live in southwest of France so it was surprising to received it on time.
regarding the Bogu itself, it is a perfect bogu for a beginner like me. Simple and efficient.
MEN: Very comfortable,very good looking and a strong protection, no men can hurt me anymore.
KOTE: Also very good looking and strong protection even if they are slightly thinner than expected.
TARE: I was surprised, it is thiner than what i was expecting. But after several Keiko, while using it, i feel it suits me perfectly with a very good protection.
DO: a standard DO, suits me perfectly, nothing special with it. I would have loved to have the opportunity to choose my DO Mune.

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