Kendogi - Indigo Dyed Gokujo Jirushi Double Layer

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Kendogi - Indigo Dyed Gokujo Jirushi Double Layer

£100.00 ex VAT
£120.00 inc VAT

Miyabi deluxe double layer Bushu Aizome (indigo) dyed Kendogi.


This Gokujo Jirushi model features a super soft Sashiko Ori fabric, woven from the finest Bushu Aizome thread.  The artisan made thread is traditionally prepared and dyed prior to being woven into this outstanding bold rice grain stitch material.


One of the finest traditional Kendo Keikogi on the market today offering incredible value for money, this exceptional model will last a lifetime of practice with proper care.


This product is dyed with Aizome, the traditional indigo dye used widely in Japanese culture and favoured for its antibacterial qualities which help prevent deterioration of the fabric in humid conditions. Aizome is not a fully fixed dye. This garment requires gentle hand washing and you should expect blue dye to rub off during contact through general use.




Kendo Gi Embroidery: 4-7 Working Days



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£100.00 ex VAT £120.00 inc VAT

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I did the preparation and exam with this keikogi and now he lives in my heart. I'm in the second generation, I bought two and keep one for day-to-day and the second for "events".

I am writing this after 7 training sessions, about 3 washes after training and a first one.

I chose 3L (170cm) but it is a bit too big, especially too long (comes very much in contact with the inner part of the hakama during the training) and the sleeves are a bit too long too. Looks like I will have to have it shortened :(

Looking at some competitor sizes, especially in Japan, this gi runs bigger than other 3L.

Other than that, this gi is high quality and totally worth the price! Very soft, great feel, great colour. Wash works well in cold water.

Leaked a lot of blue during first wash and some on skin while wearing, as it should be - good. (I don't use vinegar or anything else to set the colour).

I recommend a gi hanger! Drying is much quicker. Good shape after drying, you can get it perfect with a steamer when hanging.

Thank you for the amazingly fast delivery!

Love it. It's actually the second Miyabi keikogi I own. The first, my sensei bought for me in Japan and I was delighted to realize my new one was the same brand. Very comfortable and dignified. Does a great job of absorbing errant men strikes.

Great gi, I love it. Nice thick cotton, absorbs all that sweat. Would recommend to add a bit of vinegar, to help set the dye, but nonetheless a great product. Sleeves are a bit wide, but not a big problem.

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