Kendogi - Indigo Dyed Tokujo Jirushi - Mesh Lining

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Kendogi - Indigo Dyed Tokujo Jirushi - Mesh Lining

£75.00 ex VAT
£90.00 inc VAT

Miyabi brand Aizome dyed single layer Kendogi with wicking technical lining.


The perfect option for Kendoka looking for an indigo dyed Keikogi, but trying to avoid thicker double layer fabrics, the durable Tokujo Jirushi Kendogi from Miyabi is a great quality garment which has been a pillar of the Nine Circles range for more than 10 years.


A cooler training solution than double layer Keikogi, this model maintains an ultra-traditional appearance with its Aizome dyed cotton outer, whilst the soft comfortable technical lining discretely facilitates natural cooling by drawing sweat away from the skin.


This product is dyed with Aizome, the traditional indigo dye used widely in Japanese culture and favoured for its antibacterial qualities which help prevent deterioration of the fabric in humid conditions.  Aizome is not a fully fixed dye.  This garment requires gentle hand washing and you should expect blue dye to rub off during contact through general use.




Kendo Gi Embroidery: 4-7 Working Days



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£75.00 ex VAT £90.00 inc VAT

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Beautiful gi with traditional appearance.
You can really feel the quality of the gi when you're wearing it. The mesh lining absorbes the sweat and keeps it from penetrating the cotton.
The aizome paint requires more maintenance than a fixed dye gi, but I'm a fan of the washed-out colour after several washes, so hand-washing is a small effort.
Highly recommended gi in the Nine Circles line up.

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