Tsukagawa - Deluxe Gin Sakura

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\ £18.00 inc VAT
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Tsukagawa - Deluxe Gin Sakura

£15.00 ex VAT
£18.00 inc VAT

Deluxe quality Gingawa Tsukagawa with Sakura pattern.


Gingawa is the top cut of leather.  Smooth on one side, it is the best quality part of the leather and offers the ideal balance between durability, elasticity and consistency of finish.  Typically, all top quality Shinai would be assembled with Gingawa leather fittings.


This Tsukagawa features a double fold, with the collar turned over twice, adding to the durability of the fitting and increasing the bulk and surface area where the Tsuba is in contact.


This model also features the higher class double loop fastener which finishes the assembly simply and beautifully.


The Sakura pattern on the fold is a classic Japanese theme, beloved of the Samurai, representing the short but beautiful life of a warrior.


Available in size 39 (26mm diameter).


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£15.00 ex VAT £18.00 inc VAT

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This is a must get. after 6-10 month training with the standard one, the standard one gets slippery and hard to grab. it feels more like a bokken. This deluxe tsukagawa hower doesn t slip after long training, it does not go bad. It is also easyer to bind with the tsuru . A must have for poeple with sweaty hands. or cowhide kote's.

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