Octagonal Nunchaku - Shiro Kashi - Rope

£16.67 ex VAT
\ £20.00 inc VAT
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Octagonal Nunchaku - Shiro Kashi - Rope

£16.67 ex VAT
£20.00 inc VAT

White oak octagonal Nunchaku with rope connector.  Tapered 2.9cm diameter available in 12" (30.5cm) and 14" inch (35.6cm) lengths.


Shiro Kashi - Top class white oak Japanese weapons. These weapons have a straight, fine, consistent grain throughout their length and offer the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


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£16.67 ex VAT £20.00 inc VAT

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Very decent quality for a great price
I am very happy with my purchase. The nunchaku arrived in a timely manner and shipping them to EU main land didn't break the bank. The wood has a nice consistent grain and feels and sounds very solid. The weight is excellent and makes for a well balanced weapon. I only have two, be it small remarks: the finish on the inside of the holes for the rope could have been a little smoother, I sanded it down with a little piece of sandpaper so that was an easy fix. The other issue is two minor cracks in the wood near the top of one stick. I don't think they go very deep into the wood as tapping the stick doesn't produce a hollow sound, so I just put a few drops of superglue on them and called it a day. Even with these two minor issues, I would still rate these nunchaku as best bang for your buck available. Nine Cirkles rock!

Top Grade Nunchaku
I attended a Kobudo course with this nuchaku this weekend. They are fast, light and they look great. My Sensei asked me to replace the cord, but that is an easy job. Octagonal Nunchaku are the best for Budo, the ridges make for a painful time for Uke; the self defense is realistic in this way and it is obvious the weapon is not a toy. Over all I am pleased to have purchased them, my pair is much admired by our Dan grades, expect a few orders soon.

NineCircles is awesome
These nunchaku from nine circles are excellent. They are exactly what I've been looking for. I searched high and low for a pair of white oak nunchaku, but nobody in the US seems to make or sell them. Nine Circles does, though, and for only about $20 US. The wood is solid and heavy, like a rock, and I was extremely happy to find chain nunchaku without any swivels. I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking for a quality pair of nunchaku that won't burn a hole in their wallet. If I could give them 6 stars, I would.

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