Mameido Cup 2023

Posted On: 8 March 2023

Over 800 fights, with a total of 1411 ippon scored... That’s how the 2023 Mameido Cup ended! Participants from 57 dojos from 16 different countries gathered in Warsaw, Poland, for a weekend of Shiai using a Swiss system, guaranteeing the same number of fixed rounds of competition for everyone. After each round, competitors were matched with opponents based on their performance.

The event ran very smoothly, thanks to the innovative system brought by the organisers: An app where each competitor was able to check the Shiai-jo for their next round, who they would be fighting, the fight order and which side (Aka or Shiro) they were supposed to be.  As part of the competitor welcome kit, each participant got their own Mameido Cup Taski to keep and use during the competition. With 4 Shiai-jo running simultaneously, the Mameido Player App played an important part in helping Kenshi know where they would be fighting each round, and provided relevant information like points breakdown (including fights won, fights drawn, total Ippon scored, Ippon balance etc.)​, individual and team rankings. As everyone already knew where they were supposed to be beforehand, everything ran well within the schedule.


After each round, by refreshing the app you were able to check your results and, if there were any problems, competitors had 3 minutes to report it to the command centre. Although it was not a team competition, competitors could form a team (Ladies Open 3s or Men's Open 3s) within the individual fight-format competition. Each team’s average score was calculated after each round, so you could also check the ranking and keep track of your teammates progress.



After 12 rounds of Shiai, the results were announced:


Special categories


Most improved:

Ryan Ruiter, Mokuseikan


Ippon hunter Award:

Wojciech Ritszel, Yokokan


Team Categories


Ladies 3’s:

1st place - Croissant (Marine Vandenberghe, Adelie Robin, Saya Guadarrama)

2nd place - We will need a teamname 2 (Man-Yee Mok, Pakwan Ratchatasavee, Suraya Tjon-Kon-Fat)

3rd place - Novi Sad ladies & friend (Sofija Vuckovic, Maja Pantic, Lai Mei-Tang)

Men's 3s:

1st place - We need a name (Sjoerd Kater, Winston Dollee, Jonathan de-Croon)

2nd place - The Irish Rovers (Andre Pimentel, John Doherty, Szymon Gardzielewski)

3rd place - Yokokan (Przemysław Szymiec, Wojciech Ritszel, Krzysztof Mróz)

Individual Categories


Youth Ladies

1st place - Adelie Robin, Judo Kendo Club Fontenaisien

2nd place - Saya Guadarrama, Kendo Bordeaux

3rd place - Katarzyna Babinska, Warsaw Kendo Club

4th place - Anastasiia Kalashnikova

5th place - Beatrice Sutaite


Youth Men

1st place - Taichi Uno, Fumetsu

2nd place - Styrbjorn Strandell, Kibo Dojo

3rd place - Ruiter Ryan, Mokuseikan

4th place - Bartosz Szymański

5th place - David Graham



1st place - Krzysztof Bosak, Warsaw Kendo Club

2nd place - Przemyslaw Szymiec, Yokokan

3rd place - Werner Karnadi, Fumetsu

4th place - Rokas Bagdzevicius

5th place - Lai Mei-Tang

6th place - Man-Yee Mok

7th place - Krystian Kanabrodzki

8th place - Lionel Clausse

9th place - Ivo Ledwozyw

10th place - Tibor Dravai



1st place - Bartosz Szymański, Warsaw Kendo Club

2nd place - Nicholas von-Butovitsch, Kibo Dojo

3rd place - Florian Dobrunz, Kenshinkai Berlin ev

4th place - Greg Stryjczak

5th place - Patryk Pietrzak

6th place - Lukas Svagzdys

7th place - Michal Kozlowski

8th place - Piotr Zienkiewicz

9th place - Samuel Asante

10th - Dominik Dabrowski


Dan 1-3 Ladies

1st place - Adelie Robin, Judo Kendo Club Fontenaisien

2nd place - Chiaki Arai, Strasbourg

3rd place - Saya Guadarrama, Kendo Bordeaux

4th place - Ellen Jonsson

5th place - Katarzyna Babinska

6th place - Lai Mei-Tang

7th place - Maja Pantic

8th place - Alev Aydin

9th place - Anastasiia Kalashnikova

10th place - Racha Bia


Dan 1-3 Men

1st place - Tormod Husebo, Sør-Vest Kendoklubb

2nd place - Rokas Bagdzevicius, Daishinkan Dojo

3rd place - Michal Kelm, Furokan Dojo

4th place - Bartosz Gorczyca

5th place - Filip Paradowski

6th place - Ruiter Ryan

7th place - Dawid Leszczynski

8th place - Wiktor Skorczewski

9th place - Mihailo Latincic

10th place - Markus Arfert


Open Ladies

1st place - Adelie Robin, Judo Kendo Club Fontenaisien

2nd place - Chiaki Arai, Strasbourg

3rd place - Saya Guadarrama, Kendo Bordeaux

4th place - Pakwan Ratchatasavee

5th place - Alina Yearwood

6th place - Ines Loidi

7th place - Lisa Van-Laecken

8th place - Ellen Jonsson

9th place - Katarzyna Babinska

10th place - Marine Vandenberghe


Open Men

1st place - Krzysztof Bosak, Warsaw Kendo Club

2nd place - Taichi Uno, Fumetsu

3rd place -  Wojciech Ritszel, Yokokan

4th place - Jouke Van-Der-Woude

5th place - Andre Pimentel

6th place - Tormod Husebo

7th place - Makoto Van-Der-Woude

8th place - Andrzej Malkiewicz

9th place - Jonathan de-Croon

10th place - Szymon Gardzielewski


All top 3 players in each category received special prizes from us ❤ we hope you enjoy them! Congratulations to all the participants for their performance!

It was a pleasure to meet old and new friends during the competition and to support the event in 2023, we had a blast :) The Mameido Cup will return in 2024 and we hope to see you there again!