The recent sword attack in Hainault has once again sparked a national debate about whether the current regulations on swords are sufficient. In this article we discuss the importance of defining an Iaito.

We reached out to Alan Lee-Nash, Iaido Dojo Representative on the British Kendo Association Committee to talk about the Offensive Weapons act and some of the points in the law which are of importance to UK practitioners.

The UK government made sweeping changes on the legislation about the possession of swords. Here we tried to clarify a little bit more how the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 will affect martial artists in the UK.

Until the end of 2020, nothing is changing between the UK and Europe.  During this transition period, it is business as usual!

The Kyoto-Pro Series - The Evolution of Next Generation Bogu: Learn about the principles which have gone into the launch of our exciting new range of Japanese Bogu designed and produced especially for the European and world market.

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News Flash - Nine Circles have become the official partners of the GB Kendo squad!