Using traditional Japanese techniques and methods nurtured in Seki, Nosyudo is a specialist producer of high-quality blades and their Iaito represent the finest quality Japanese Iaito available on the market today.

All you need to know about the customisable Minosaka models and options.

When it comes to buying Bogu one of the biggest concerns for many Kenshi is measuring up correctly so that they can look forward to a perfectly fitted new armour.

This sizing guide is here to take the stress out of the process and to ensure you get the perfect measurements, and so perfectly fitted Bogu, first time.

This guide is here to help you cut through the confusion and give you all the information that you need to select the perfect Shinai to start your Kendo journey.

Confused about Japanese sword part terminology? Look no further than this comprehensive guide on the essential terms you need to describe and understand your Iaito.

Buying a sword for Iaido can be a daunting prospect, especially for beginners looking to invest in their first Iaito. This guide will take you through the whole process so that you can choose the perfect Iaito first time.