Film recommendation: Lone wolf and cub - Baby cart to Hades

Posted On: 8 July 2022

In this third film in the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Itto and Daigoro end up in another town that has a problem with Watari-Kashi, lowly mercenaries working for the Daimyo. Itto encounters a similarly disgraced ronin, Kanbei, who challenges him to a duel, which he declines. There’s also an assassination plot for which Itto is hired, and the rescue of a young woman who has been sold into slavery.


This film’s pace is slower than its prequels, as it exposes a lot of information through the plot and sometimes the dialogues deaden the tone of the scenes. On the other hand, some battles border on sensational, either because of the Itto’s inventiveness and tricks, or the methods that Misumi employs when filming the combat - using the camera to emulate the look of the warrior in first person, even imitating the eyes of a sniper who surrounds the hero as he rides at one point. As you might guess, this film is also more violent than its predecessors.


As Itto finally faces down Kanbei it’s a battle of epic proportions, an amazing showdown of sword fighting styles. We also get to know the reasons that made Kanbei lose his post.


If you were not able to watch it yet, check out this trailer: