Film recommendation: Neko Samurai (2014)

Posted On: 15 July 2022

Neko Samurai was was a Japanese TV mini-series (12 episodes aired in 2013), and then 2 films: Neko Samurai (2014) and Neko Samurai 2: A tropical adventure (2015). The first Neko Samurai film tells the story of Madarame Kyutaro (Kazuki Kitamura), also known as Madara the Devil, a grumpy and reserved Samurai that finds himself in an idyllic Edo-period town, caught in the middle of two warring clans. Why are these families fighting? Because one likes cats and the other likes dogs.


He receives a job from the “dog-worshipping” clan to kill the cat of the rival clan. Madarame agrees to finish Tamanojo (the cat) but, when he actually sees the cute little kitty up close, he can’t complete the job, so he decides to take it home with him and protect all that fluffiness with his life. Now, both families want Madarame’s neck: The Dog family, because he did not finish what he was employed for; and the Cat Family, as he kidnapped their prized feline. And that’s how the incredible tale of the friendship between a samurai and an adorable cat he refused to kill starts.


It's a Comedy/Drama, so there are not many fighting scenes. Of course, most of the entertainment comes from the cat. How the filmmakers were able to get it to do what was needed is a mistery. There are also a few differences from the TV series plot, like how Madarame was hired by a house servant to kill Tamanojo because he thought she was possessing her owner's soul.


Check out the trailer and see if you would also be unable to finish the task: