Hasu Large Nylon Bougu Bag

£50.00 ex VAT
\ £60.00 inc VAT
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Hasu Large Nylon Bougu Bag

£50.00 ex VAT
£60.00 inc VAT

This classic Oxford style Bogu bag offers a spacious transport solution for Bogu, clothing and accessories.


A large bag, primarily built from a durable fine weave nylon fabric, this model features a voluminous central compartment complete with organisation pouch to carry the main bulk of your Kendo armour.  Each end of the the bag features spacious pockets, perfect to fit folded Keikogi, Hakama and accessories.


Designed to be carried by hand, across the body or over the shoulder, this bag comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap.  Total dimensions approximately 58cm x 34cm x 45cm.


Features include:


Nylon Weave Fabric - built to last the finely woven material is beautifully consistent and features a gentle lustre.


Two Way Carry - with interlocking hand grips and detachable and an adjustable shoulder strap, you can carry this bag in whichever way is most comfortable for you.


Large Volume - suitable for your Bogu set, Himo, clothing and more, this bag should carry everything you need for training barring your weapons.


Air Vents - small vents help to improve the circulation of air whilst your equipment is in transit.


Solid Base & Reinforced Feet - a solid sheet base combined with tough plastic feet ensure that your Bogu is protected from contact with the ground when you need to put it down.


Name Tag Holder - add a little touch of customisation or a simple name tag in the built in tag holder to help identify your Bogu in a sea of bags.



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£50.00 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT

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Excellent bag
I received this bag today and it fits my large bogu set rather comfortably. There's not much space left inside the main compartment after that, but the side pockets provide enough space for hakama and kendogi with room to spare for drink bottles and various accessories.

Great bag if you have a car, not great for carrying
These bags are great in that they can hold not only bogu but also your gi and hakama (with room to spare for water etc). The only problem is that the single strap design is horrible for walking long distances. I have to walk for half an hour each way to get training, and often end up with burst blood vessels in my shoulder from the weight. However, I am still happy with it overall. The vents are very helpful for helping things dry out without having to remember to take everything out after a session.

Great Bogu bag
I wanted a bag that would fit all my kendo equipment and this bag ticks all the boxes. It's strong, looks great and will keep my bogu well protected while traveling to the dojo. Colin

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