Kyoto-Pro Series Men - Nexus Cross-Stitch

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\ £380.00 inc VAT
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Kyoto-Pro Series Men - Nexus Cross-Stitch

£316.67 ex VAT
£380.00 inc VAT

The flagship of the Kyoto-Pro Series, the Nexus Cross-Stitch Men is definitively next generation Bogu. Built lovingly by skilled craftsmen to an exacting standard using only the finest materials, and with an innovative approach to protection and performance, it is a Men which is firmly planted in the 21st century whilst its deep roots reach back into its classical origins.


The epitome of protection, the pinnacle of quality and the very essence of excellent value, the Nexus Cross-Stitch Men embodies both the form and spirit of the Kyoto-Pro Series. Read the full story behind the Kyoto-Pro Series here.


If you are looking for your next Men and aren’t prepared to compromise, look no further.


In stock and ready to ship the Nexus Cross-Stitch Men includes everything you need for immediate use and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* as standard!


Kyoto-Pro Nexus Cross-Stitch Men Specifications


Shock Absorbent Pitch Cross-Stitch – Arranged in a grid, lines of perpendicular stitching at 6mm intervals mirror the layout of Tezashi hand stitched Futon. The Pitch-Zashi stitch used through the Futon reduces the compression of the Men padding and emphasizes the absorption of shock at the point of impact. This calculated balance of 6mm cross stitch spacing 3mm pitch changes the way the Buton deforms when impacted, ensuring structural strength no matter the angle the Buton is hit and limiting the spread of shock from the point of impact.


Extra-Protective Men-Buton – the body of the Men pad is constructed from multiple protective layers, with a dual layer of selected natural felts at its core. Those layers of differential density have been carefully selected and tested to best balance weight, density and impact management. Additional layers of padding material are integrated across the primary target area, increasing protection and overall thickness in this “high traffic” zone.


Hishi-Zashi Men-Dare Stitch – Continuing the perpendicular cross-stitch utilised in the strike zone, the Naname angle applied on the Men-Dare forms a stunning Hishi-Zashi diamond pattern and allows the Men to sit correctly from the outset of use, preventing interference with head posture and overcoming traditional “breaking in” periods.


IBB Duralumin Men-Gane – designed to increase the strength of the Men-Gane, and to improve the balance point of the Men, IBB Men-Gane have two stainless steel bars in the upper portion of the structure. Whilst stronger and as a result more resistant to damage, more importantly, this Men-Gane style brings the balance point of the Men back towards the central column of the body, putting less stress on the neck of the Kenshi and minimising impact on the posture.


Noukon Naname-Zashi Ago Shokko – Dark blue dots, arranged in Naname-Zashi diagonal grid, form the pattern covering the main area of the Tsuki-Dare (also known as Ago). Covering the Ago and forming the base of the pattern, finest quality Aizome dyed deer leather offers both durability and class.


Shirurido Microfibre Uchiwa – the ultimate in both comfort and sweat management, the internal band which surrounds and contacts the face offers the best solution for quality and comfort of fit.


Tezashi Style Futon Edging – with classic hand stitched styling, the rear edge of the Futon features the ultimate low key ascetic look with a subtle Tezashi style flattening of the Futon, no Sumi-Gawa and the distinctive cut corner reducing sharp angles which can catch on an opponent as you pass.


Deluxe Leather Finish – Internally, the Inden style black Tombo Ura-Gawa is tastefully understated and externally the Mimi-Gawa match the deluxe Kon-Gawa deer leather of the Ago.


Men Weight* - 1415g


*All published weights are based on an average size Bogu parts and weights of parts may vary.


For further detailed specifications check out our Kyoto-Pro Bogu comparison chart here.


Includes 3 Year Warranty – For Full Details Click Here. *Terms and conditions apply.



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£316.67 ex VAT £380.00 inc VAT

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Excellent quality!

The Ferrari of Men!
I have being doing kendo for 15 years now, and this is by far the best Men I've ever tried. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas present, and now that the COVID restrictions are being lifted I was able try it. From brand new it fitted perfectly (didn't need to "break in" the bogu).
It is just perfect - I can barely feel I'm wearing anything, it's super conforatable, super protective, and it looks awesome. You feel that it is a premium product that will last.

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