Premium Shinai - Discounted 2 Pack

£91.66 £85.25 ex VAT
\ £102.30 inc VAT
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Premium Shinai - Discounted 2 Pack

£91.66 £85.25 ex VAT
£102.30 inc VAT

Discounted Pack of 2 Premium Shinai - Save 10%!


Customise your pack with 2 Shinai of your choice! This discounted pair of our top quality Premium Shinai offers both a great price and the opportunity to mix and match styles. It makes it so easy for you to experiment with a new Shinai style or share out the discounts with a fellow club member.


With Dobari, Jissengata, Kobangata and Kotogata Shinai models built for male and female practitioners, these are some of the best value Kendo Shinai on the market.


Fitted with top quality Gingawa leather fittings, these Shinai are supplied fully assembled and come complete with optional Tsuba & Dome. Choose 2 Shinai between the following models:


Enshin Dobari

Enshin Kobangata (Oval Grip)

Hakuden Ladies (Oval Grip)

Shinden Tsukabuto (Thick Grip)

Ryuken Koto

Jinrai Jissengata

Unrai Jissengata (Smoked Shinai)

Hachiryuken Tsukabuto (Octagonal Grip)

Raijin Madake Dobari

Yuryu Madake Jissengata


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£85.25 ex VAT £102.30 inc VAT

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