We're Brexit Ready!

Posted On: 12 February 2020

Right now, and until the end of 2020, nothing is changing between the UK and Europe.  We are now in a period of transition and it is business as usual with our normal fast delivery times and easy tax arrangements.

So what happens next?

Well, no matter what emerges from the ongoing negotiations, Nine Circles already have plans in place to ensure our customers are affected as little as possible by this change in political circumstances.

Over the next 10 months we will be putting our plans into effect so that our service is as accessible, as fast, and as efficient as ever after the transition period is over. 

We aim to ensure that at the start of 2021, there will be a seamless transition to our new operational processes so that there will be zero impact to our customers in terms of costs, lead times or import processes.

As soon as we can finalise our plans we will be sure to let you know so please watch out for these important announcements over the coming year.

Thanks for your continuing support in these tricky times and we look forward to building ever stronger relationships with our European neighbours.

Nine Circles Team