Today we share the story of a brand new Dojo that only had 3 classes before a lockdown was put into place. Let’s see how the Roninkai was doing before new restrictions were put into place.

The UK government made sweeping changes on the legislation about the possession of swords. Here we tried to clarify a little bit more how the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 will affect martial artists in the UK.

One of the most well-known Kendo celebrities, Hidehisa Nishimura decides to change  and reconstruct his Kendo style. The documentary  "The Spirit of Kendo: The Path of No Regret" tells us about his trajectory.

Planning a trip to Japan when the pandemic is over? Toei Kyoto Studio Park is one of the must go place in Kyoto if you want to experience the life during the Edo period.

Have you ever heard the concept of "GIRI"? Find out more about it and Pollack's movie The Yakuza.

Let's boost our Halloween spirit with Pumpkin Tameshigiri! Find out more about the Japanese "test cut" practice.

New lockdown measures are coming into force around Europe, but there are some countries that are still able carry on with their sports activities. This week, we get to know more about how things are going in Poland.

Other Martial Arts are also restarting their activities. This week, we get to know a little bit more about how Iaido practice is taking place in the Roshukai Kensaki Dojo, from Glasgow.